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Making a Will is very important. A Will is a legal document and can tell other people what you want to happen when you die and who you want your things and money to go to. Death isn’t easy to talk about and it can be upsetting, but by talking about these things now it can make it easier for your loved ones in the future.

Funded by Awards for All, The Friendly Information Company created a thinking and learning experience for people with learning disabilities and/or autism, who came together and worked out what they need to do to make a Will and what they would like to include in their Will.


The group then produced an online film resource that informs people with learning disabilities, autism or both on the best ways to write a Will. Giving advocacy groups and other organisations access to an accessible will-writing workbook and short film to give individuals appropriate support to write their will.

You can also download the accessible worksheet here.


The film and worksheet includes things like:


1. Thinking about death and bereavement and coping strategies for these sad events.
2. Working through and thinking about the people who are most loved and cared for within a person’s life and what legacy or gift they would want to leave to them.
3. Working through what support they would need to make a Will and where to go to begin the process.
4. Thinking about what an ‘executor’ means and who best to appoint.
5. Working through who needs support to go and do this, either through a circle of support, peers or colleagues involved with the training or the ‘Wills Champion’/advocate.

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