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The Friendly Information Company

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The Friendly Information Company is a new Social Enterprise run by and for people with disabilities, mental health problems, vulnerable and disadvantaged people of all ages. It was started by Speakup Self Advocacy which has over 20 years experience supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. The friendly information company began because Speakup recognised that lots of vulnerable people needed accessible information and the opportunity to experience work to enable them to live more valued and independent lives.

Click here to see our new project about ‘Mate Crime’

The Friendly Information Company makes information accessible for everyone. We do this by making accessible and high quality films and my making Easyread leaflets, posters and websites.

The Social Firm employs vulnerable and disadvantaged people. People work with a team of professionals to produce very high quality information in lots of different formats and languages.

Some of the resources we produce are sold through another Social Enterprise called The Friendly Resource Company.

Speakup and the Friendly Information Company have worked for many large National organisations as well as national and local government and health providers. Below are some examples of our work, some of these were produced in partnership with Speakup before we became a Social Enterprise.


Belly Ache - DVD for DH about Cancer
Ministry of Justice - Equality Schemes Annual Review 2009 2010
Wakefield Council -  Easyread Guide to Learning Disability Partnership Plan
Diabetes - a DVD for DH produced in partnership with Diabetes UK
Rotherham MBC - Supporting people to have relationships
South Yorkshire Pensions Authority - Easyread Pension Scheme












If you would like more information about us or would like to speak to someone
about some work you would like us to do, please contact:


Phone 01709 724766



Friendly Information Company - Good, clear information for everyone