Advocacy Groups Involved

In 2007 Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, Wiltshire County Council and London Borough of Greenwich - 3 Valuing People Beacon Councils were awarded money to develop the "I'm a person too!" project. Each council commissioned a local group that works with people with a learning disability to deliver the project.

Wiltshire People 1st - is a user led organisation, run by and for people with learning difficulties. We support people to be confident self advocates, promote their rights and challenge attitudes, provide information, run workshops and events and work with a range of agencies to change and make things better for people. For more information you can visit our website:

Speakup Self Advocacy - Established in 1988, Speakup is recognised as a leading national self- advocacy organisation run by and for people with a learning disabilities. We are one of the largest employers of people with learning disabilities in the UK. For more information about Speakup please visit our website:

Advocacy In Greenwich - Wants everybody to have rights, choices and chances; be able to say what they want and be heard and to be part of the community. We will work together with people with learning disabilities and/or physical disabilities to change the way people think so that we can make this happen: