My Energy, My Life

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Big home energy bills and keeping warm in the winter on a small budget is a big problem for lots of people. To help people with learning disabilities, autism or both to manage their own energy use and to help keep their bills lower, we have produced an accessible training package. People can work with support, in groups or as a team to learn about being energy efficient while still keeping warm and safe.

The training package is available here for groups, personal assistants or self-advocates to use, to support them to understand their energy needs. We ran this training with lots of people to test it and people said how useful it was.

Download the resources by clicking on the links below:

My Energy My Life training agenda
Energy Saving 10 Top Tips
My Energy My Life handout other resources to use
My Energy My Life training agenda facilitator notes
My Energy Profile Fill-in Form
Please tell us how you use your energy now
Evaluation What do you still feel you need more energy information on

Thank you to the Northern Powergrid Community Energy Seed Fund at the Community Foundation serving Tyne & Wear and Northumberland.

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